How does Red Light and PEMF Reduce Pain and Increase Healing

Increased Vascular Activity

Red Light induces temporary vasodilation, increasing blood flow to damaged areas because Red Light dilates blood vessels in an endothelial-dependent mechanism.

Anti-Inflammatory Action

Red Light reduces swelling caused by bruising or inflammation to enhance joint mobility. Red light therapy can provide relief for those suffering from chronic pain.

Faster Wound Healing

Red Light stimulates fibroblast development, accelerating collagen production and synthesis in damaged tissue for faster recovery.

Pain Relief

Red light therapy stimulates the repair of tissue, reduces inflammation, and relieves pain in musculoskeletal disorders. Inflammation-related conditions like osteoarthritis, bursitis, and tendonitis often respond well to red light and PEMF therapy.

Nerve Regeneration

Red Light therapy and PEMF could be considered as an effective, safe, and tolerable treatment for peripheral nerve repair and may have clinical implications for the surgical management of patients after nerve allografting.

Rapid Cell Growth

Red Light accelerates cellular reproduction and growth to improve the speed of healing, boosting new cell growth and enhancing your skin.

Reduce the pains of aging!

Listen how Red Light has helped Fran reduce the nerve pain in her arm and help increase the blood flow after 30 years of pain form a surgery gone wrong. It has also helped her with her sleep and increased the quality of her sleep.

For elderly individuals Red Light Therapy is the key to maintaining your mobility and extending your quality of life!

If it has helped Fran so much at the age of 70 think how well it will work for you and reducing your pains and improving the way you feel.

Credit: Red Light Day Spa

How to Increase Lean Muscle Growth

Fact: Your muscle tissue has more mitochondria than any other tissue.

Red light therapy before a workout has been shown to help relieve joint pain and improve performance, decrease oxidative stress, reduce fatigue, shorten post-workout recovery time, and less muscle damage. Because all cells have mitochondria, the increased mitochondria amplify the regenerative effects of red light therapy.

Our devices contour to your body, allowing you to comfortably relax while you rejuvenate your body, decreasing inflammation, increasing energy, and leaving you with a renewed feeling. Experience red light therapy today in Vero Beach!

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