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How Red Light Therapy Works

NASA actually pioneered red light therapy in the ’70s.

When they were sending astronauts to space, after a short amount of time, astronauts began to develop a sort of space sickness. NASA was baffled, but they soon discovered it was because they weren’t exposed to sunlight.

Every living thing on this planet has evolved from the beginning of time to use sunlight in some way or another, from producing Vitamin D in your skin to plants and photosynthesis, and so do we.

It’s not like NASA can just go and open a window in space and let the sunlight through, or everything from x-ray radiation, gamma radiation, and ultraviolet radiation would kill you.

So NASA started researching sunlight, and they found red light was the one that we actually needed.

Let’s do this: take out your phone and turn on the flashlight.

Take your finger and put it over the light.

What color is that?

Why do you think it’s red?

(because of your blood)

Nope, it’s not because of your blood you don’t have large enough arteries in your fingers. You just have capillaries and veins. That’s why you can take your pulse with your fingers but not your thumb, as they have little to no arteries.

Your skin tries to block all other wavelengths of light.

The reason is that our bodies only allow that wavelength of light to pass through is because it’s beneficial.

You know when you go out in the sun all day and your skin tightens up, it clears up, and you feel relaxed and good, but the sun bakes the energy out of you, and you end up with a sunburn the next few days?

When you develop a tan, your skin/body is trying to protect itself from those harmful rays of light that our atmosphere couldn’t block out; that’s why it produces more melanin. That’s all a tan is. Why do you think tanning salons expose you to harmful UV lamps to give you a tan? It is because your skin will produce melanin to protect you, which is what a tan is.

When NASA was researching the effects of red light they found 630-660nm helped boost cells mitochondrial ATP production. Now the ATP is like the gasoline of the cell, it is used in all bodily functions, from moving your muscles to sending nerve signals.

When you have elevated (higher than normal) ATP in the cell, your body wants to bring it back to a normal level to start using it up. One of the ways it does this is by repairing itself or producing things like collagen in the skin cells or burning fat in fat cells. We use ATP every day to flex our muscles and send nerve signals.

The only other way our bodies produce more ATP is when we exercise, and our bodies use it up and become in a deficit. To fix this, the body sends signals to burn fat and increase mitochondria production to come back to a normal state of equilibrium.

Fat comes in three forms: white, beige, and brown.

Brown fat is basically used to heat your body. It burns fat to make heat instead of energy. This is around your essential organs like your heart and your neck. For men, brown fat is in the groin, and for women, you will find it in the breasts.

Beige fat is embedded in small areas throughout white fat. It can burn fat for energy or heat.

White fat is what we normally refer to as visible fat or the fat that stores energy.

Now, how does Red Light and ATP affect fat cells?

The white fat stores so much fat (triglyceride) in the cell that it has little room left for the mitochondria and therefore has little ATP production.

So, with the deep red and NIR (near-infrared) light, it melts the fat while boosting the ATP production so the cell starts the fat-burning process. When it is liquified, and the fat cells have collapsed, you have 24-48 hours to pass it into the lymphatic system to be processed by the liver and kidneys.

This process is called fatty oxidization, which is the process in which the fat molecule, which, once liquified, looks exactly like olive oil and has the same molecular makeup. Then, it gets split into two by-products: water and carbon dioxide. This process produces excess energy to be used by the body.

Now you know how red light therapy works with fat cells to lose fat and how it helps increase other cells’ production/repair/processes. It’s all about boosting ATP production.

And, of course, proper nutrition for the weight loss side of things.


Q: What is red light weight loss?

A: Red light weight loss is a non-invasive procedure that utilizes red light therapy to target fat cells and stimulate the body’s natural metabolism. It is a safe and effective way to lose weight and achieve your desired body shape.

Q: How does red light weight loss work?

A: Red light weight loss works by using red light therapy to penetrate the skin and target fat cells. The red light stimulates the mitochondria within the fat cells, which causes them to release their contents and shrink in size. This process also helps to increase the body’s natural metabolism, which leads to increased energy and weight loss.

Q: Is red light weight loss safe?

A: Yes, red light weight loss is a safe and non-invasive procedure. The red light therapy used in the procedure is completely safe and has been used in various medical treatments for years. It does not cause any pain or discomfort, and there are no known side effects.

Q: How long does a red light weight loss treatment session take?

A: A typical red light weight loss treatment session takes about 20-30 minutes. During this time, you will be exposed to the red light therapy, which will target the fat cells and stimulate your metabolism. You may also be provided with additional guidance on nutrition and exercise to help maximize your results.

Q: How many red light weight loss treatments are needed to see results?

A: The number of red light weight loss treatments needed to see results varies depending on the individual and their weight loss goals. However, most individuals will see noticeable results after just a few sessions. It is recommended to undergo a series of treatments for optimal results.